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Wireless connectivity for temporary, mobile and remote connections

Instant Network

Connect the Hard-to-Reach

Globalgig Remote Office solutions are ideally suited for locations inaccessible by wireline networks or where connectivity is needed for lower bandwidth applications such as branch offices, point of sale locations, construction sites, oil fields, kiosks and ATMs.

Globalgig wireless services can also be leveraged where temporary or mobile connectivity is required such as conferences and events, enrollment offices, mobile point-of-sales, client premises where connectivity is not accessible or any location that cannot wait for the long lead times of broadband installation.

Mobile Call Out
Workers on remote location with internet
Our Solution

Streamline Cost and Management

Globalgig provides wireless data access for remote and mobile office globally with one straight forward relationship. Companies can streamline carrier management and benefit from Globalgig’s carrier relationships to reduce cost.

Globalgig offers affordable and standard data bundles as well as customized data plans to meet business objectives. There are no restrictions no daily allowances or throttling. Options for shared data buckets and pooling across SIMs are available and can be custom designed. Data access and usage in multiple countries can be combined with the same terms, on a single bill, drastically reducing management resources for negotiating multiple carrier contracts and invoicing in multiple currencies.

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Globalgig's Wireless Connectivity

With access to 200+ countries on a single SIM, we combine multiple carriers in each country so your devices always get the best possible coverage and service and all is managed from our online portal.


Know no boundaries with one SIM card that makes global connectivity incredibly easy

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The ultimate, API-based mobile data management and intelligence platform

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We combine multiple carriers in 200+ countries so you are always connected

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