SIM Options

Voice, Internet, and SMS/MMS for Business Professionals with choice of Two Mobile Networks

Mobile Voice, Internet, SMS

Our services have been trusted by business professionals since 1990.  We are known for our premium customer support and full coverage on two of the largest network operators – Orange and Bouygues Telecom – as well as satellite networks.  We make it easy for business professionals to have a mix of network coverage options with one invoice and one support team.  Beyond France, we offer a global data SIM with coverage in over 200 countries.  Learn More about our global SIM.

Easy To Customize

Tailor-made plans are available to fit your business requirements:

  • Unlimited Voice & SMS with Data Bundle Plans
  • Data Only Plans for PCs & tablets
  • Wifi Devices For Roaming
  • IoT and M2M Applications

Advantages of LJC Services

Single Point of Contact

Our support team ensures our customers receive an effective response as soon as possible, whatever the problem.

Customized Services

Extensive portfolio of offers and services give customers the flexibility to design plans that work for them. Service profiles can be created on any of 3 national networks and satellite networks to give businesses the tailor-made plans to meet their unique requirements.

Pricing Transparency

Single invoice that covers all network operator charges simplifies management, billing and subscriber costs. We strive to simplify service offerings, eliminating hidden charges and fees so you only pay for what you need.

Commitment to Customer Care

From single-line customers to large enterprises, our staff is committed and focused on delivering the highest quality customer experience.

Network Quality of Incumbent Operators

LJC Telecom uses the networks of the largest national mobile operators to ensure service quality.

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