No Boundaries with International Mobile Data

One SIM card for on-the-go data connectivity for travelers

Global mobile connectivity

Mobile employees need fast, reliable and secured data access on the road. Globalgig’s SIM with data access in 200+ countries is ideal for corporate staff travelling locally, across the country or internationally.

Businesses incur $67 billion+ annual cost on mobile services while roaming, an additional $ 17 billion+ spent on alternative connectivity. The Globalgig SIM can be used in any unlocked GSM compatible device such as a tablet, smartphone, laptop or hotspot to establish wireless connections with over 600 carriers, drastically reducing roaming charges.

Global mobile connectivity to enable employees
Mobile connection for employees that work global

The Globalgig SIM

Employees can install the Globalgig SIM in mobile devices to maintain connectivity in temporary, off-site or client locations, eliminating the inconvenience of searching for WiFi zones or buying local SIMs. Using the Globalgig SIM to connect to the corporate network also reduces the risk of network security from public WiFi access.

Globalgig’s SIM can be used in any 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE enabled device. Globalgig can also supply personal WiFi hotspot devices that enable a user to connect multiple devices, laptops or tablets as they would with a public WiFi hotspot but with the added security of automatically controlling the connection.

Ease of use

Executives and other staff that travel won’t have to think about whether a country they are travelling to is within their roaming profile, or be concerned about the potential high cost of data access or deal with the hassle of seeking alternative connectivity options such as local SIM cards.

Globalgig combines a SIM card based solution with its own proprietary technology to allow subscribers to connect to Globalgig’s local mobile network partners when used across borders or in multiple countries.

Even within Europe where the regulatory pressure is bringing down the price for roaming, traditional mobile operators will still put limits on usage, place daily caps or charge for bundles of data that expire.

International mobile broadband for road warriors

International Mobile Broadband for Business Continuity

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Our Core International Mobile Broadband Features

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200+ Country Footprint

Eliminate the need for local SIM cards or incurring high roaming charges

Instant Connectivity

Data access to over 600 mobile carriers for seamless coverage

Inclusive Plans

Optimize usage and limit your risk of roaming charges

Corporate Billing Options

Simple and streamlined for easy management

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