Three Possible Options for M2M/IoT Connectivity

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Simplify and Fortify Your M2M/IoT Connections

IoT and M2M applications encompass many platforms and technologies, but network connectivity remains a key element to any successful solution implementation. Take advantage of LJC’s unique SIM with options to choose from 3 leading French network as well as roaming SIM solutions to ensure your M2M/IoT application is a success.

We are constantly working to offer our customers the highest quality service and diversified offers based on customer requirements.

LJC supports innovative companies developing and deploying M2M/IoT applications with flexible options for wireless connections. For M2M/IoT solutions, LJC offers 3 SIM card options:

In France: Multi-operator SIM Cards

These SIM cards can attach to a specific network based on technical criteria or quality of service required for the application.  Choose from the 3 leading national operators – Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom.

In France: Single Operator SIM Cards

Streamline network connectivity options and choose the best fit network operator for your M2M/IoT application.  Choose from the 3 leading national operators – Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom all from the same SIM and swap networks month to month if required.

Global: Multi-IMSI SIM Cards

LJC’s parent company Globalgig offers a SIM card with coverage in over 200 countries.  Global enterprises have leveraged this SIM for mobile/tracking applications, IoT/M2M solutions and wireless WAN use cases including failover and primary connectivity for hard-to-reach locations.

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