Wireless Failover Solution for Global Business Continuity

Avoid the high cost of network downtime

Network Downtime

No wired connection can deliver 100% uptime

The question isn’t whether your business will lose connectivity, the question is how to protect your organization from loss and disruption when it does happen. The consequence of just a few minutes of network downtime can create a ripple effect across the entire company’s operations. Having a solid business continuity strategy in place can significantly benefit the bottom line. As no single Wide Area Network (WAN) connection can provide 100% up-time, it is imperative to have a failover plan within your business continuity strategy.

Globalgig's Wireless Back Up Solution
Globalgig's Solution using 4G LTE to connect an office
Our Solution

Globalgig’s 4G LTE wireless broadband connection

Globalgig’s 4G LTE wireless broadband connection can be bundled with a managed wireless router to provide the ideal solution for business continuity. In the event of a service outage, Globalgig’s cloud-managed router will automatically and seamlessly switch over to the wireless broadband connection. Any systems connected to the Globalgig device can continue to operate at broadband speeds, keeping your network in service and your off ices, employees and customers online. Unlike traditional failover solutions that provides two wireline circuits, Globalgig’s wireless failover service bypasses physical disruptions that can knock out cable, DSL, and T1 lines to provide true WAN path diversity.

Network Resiliency for SD-WAN

Businesses today are adding wireless broadband connections for SD-WAN failover. Wireless service can be provisioned quickly to multiple offices and hard-to-reach locations to ensure uninterrupted connectivity to enterprise sites, cloud service providers and SaaS applications. Globalgig offers local data access to over 600 wireless carriers world-wide, so businesses have the flexibility to optimize their failover solution through carriers with the best network performance at specific locations and not be tied to just one carrier.

Office workers connected with 4G LTE internet
Mobile connection for employees that work global

Disaster Recovery

A natural disaster is unpredictable and network outages often take longer than expected to recover. Terrestrial networks are prone to damages from natural disasters such as flooding, high-winds downing cables and other weather-related destruction. A Globalgig wireless failover solution can keep your business up and running when mother nature has other plans.

Revenue Protection

1 minute of downtime could cost your business thousand in revenue. Have peace of mind knowing that your connection is safe with a wireless failover solution that can maintain business operations when your wired connection does go down.

Connectivity Insurance

The average business will suffer from 15 hours of IT downtime per year. Wireless WAN connectivity provides redundancy as well as path diversity to ensure your network stays up for mission-critical applications.

Streamlined Support

Custom design your global failover strategy and streamline network support to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the intelligence of your network and business operations.

Globalgig's Wireless Connectivity

With access to 200+ countries on a single SIM, we combine multiple carriers in each country so your devices always get the best possible coverage and service and all is managed from our online portal.


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