Hyperconnecting Everything: IoT and M2M Solutions

Connect and monitor anything with SIM solutions fitting any appetite

Hyperconnect anything and everything

Simplify Global IoT and M2M Connectivity

IoT and M2M applications encompass many protocols and technologies, but network connectivity remains a key element to any successful solution implementation. Globalgig can provide SIMs to suit any IoT device or M2M equipment and offers service bundles per unit or shared across a base of installations, which is suitable for uneven data usage. Our API-based SIM management platform, Orchestra, provides the ability monitor SIM status and data usage, as well as customized reporting.

Smart city that is hyperconnected with Globalgig
Our Solution

Globalgig wireless connectivity services for IoT/M2M is ideal for low power consumption, industry specific data collection applications

Smart Buildings

Thermostats, lights, motion sensors

Smart Cars

GPS locators, insurance trackers


Tracking goods through distribution

Equipment Health & Monitoring

Maintenance and operations data

Retail & Branch Offices

Signage, kiosks, security cameras

Manufacturing & Industrial Monitoring

Chemicals, supply chain, oil and gas

Orchestra SIM Management

Centralized Subscription,
SIM and Device Management

Proactive management and monitoring of SIMs is key to success for IoT implementations. Included with Globalgig SIMs is the Orchestra Portal for customers to manage their SIMs, devices and usage. Orchestra’s extensive management capabilities give customers control over their end-points and subscriptions. Orchestra can be used to manage deployed SIMs, set data triggers/alerts on a SIMs state, activate/deactivate SIMs, and change data plans in real-time.

Office workers connected with broadband
Globalgig OCP

Our Use Cases

Globalgig works with an eco-system of IoT/M2M partners, deploying solutions where Globalgig SIMs have been installed for IoT applications

Fleet Management

A UK company uses the Globalgig SIM for tracking vehicles and industrial equipment. Globalgig’s Multi-IMSI SIMs with access to 600+ carriers enable the tracking of vehicles with fewer “black spots” than any single carrier solution.

Mobile Access

A golf tour company uses Globalgig SIMs to connect mobile devices for their guests to access course information and keep golf scores on over 400 courses in Europe.

Supply Chain Logistics

An industry leader of enterprise-level data capture and automatic identification solutions leverages the Globalgig SIM to deliver aggregated data securely to their corporate network from bar-code scanners for inventory management and auditing at remote locations.

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