Orchestra SIM Management Portal

The ultimate, API-based mobile data management and intelligence platform

Streamline and optimize SIM and data management

Orchestra is Globalgig’s proprietary, API-based, mobile data management and intelligence platform. With a single pane of glass management, customers can access data plan subscriptions, usage, billing, and location data for each individual SIM. The Orchestra Portal gives customers the ability to optimize expenses by giving detailed on wireless data usage for each SIM/device. Powerful API extensibility gives administrators reduced points of management for IoT, fleet, and ERP software tools.

Globalgig OCP
Dashboard Display

Current month activity for subscriptions, SIMs and usage by data plan

Quick View

One clear overview of all subscription information

SIM Management

Ability to link a device to a SIM card and its subscription

Simple Controls

Administrative users can activate, suspend, and reactivate suspended services

Fast Reports

Detailed usage data can be filtered by a date range to view usage by date and country

Connect devices anywhere on our global network

With access to LTE/4G/3G/2G technologies on a single SIM, we combine multiple carriers in each country so your devices always get the best possible coverage and service.

Fixed Location Wireless WAN

Fast installation for wireless WAN for primary connectivity and day-1 network connectivity

Failover for Business Continuity

No wired connection can deliver 100% uptime, avoid the high cost of network downtime

International Mobile Broadband

Know no boundaries with one SIM card for on-the-go data connectivity for travelers

Remote & Mobile Office

Instant wireless connectivity for temporary, mobile and remote locations

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